Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage
All are Welcome

We provide a sanctuary for devotees to worship  Santisima Muerte.  Candle and Prayer  service  is available to the faithful on a donation basis. Santisima Muerte’s arms are open to all, as are the doors of our chapel.  We offer Charismatic Prayer Meetings and Chapel Service. 

Our goal is to build a portable chapel that can embark on regular pilgrimage missions to reach the faithful who can not come to us,  and to also share our devotion with the uninitiated so that the veneration of our beloved  Dark Mother, Santisima Muerte can grow.

Santisima Muerte,  Holy Death,  the sacred Mother of the Dark Night that is with us in our moment of passing from this world. We are all her children. No matter where our lives have taken us she is there for us with open arms to take us from this world.  In our devotion to her and promise to be and stay right, she is here for us now and will grant us our petitions that are just.  She offers us  protection  at night and from violent death.


Dear Beloved  and Most Holy
  Santisima Muerte, 

We offer our faith, love and devotion on this day and on all of our days. We are yours now and forever.  When you meet us in our final pigrimage with your open arms, we will rest with you for all time.
Thank you for the protection, love and blessings that you give us unconditionally.

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